OBD-II and You

OBD-II.  Stands for “On Board Diagnostics.  Two”

Every car sold in the US since 1996 is required to have an ODB-II port located within two feet of the steering wheel, right there inside the cockpit.  You’ve been driving right along for years and it’s been there under your nose this whole time!

The port is mostly used by mechanics to diagnose a lit “check engine” light or other problems under the hood.

Mostly it hasn’t been of much use to the people who, you know, own the cars.  Until now!


Automatic is a bluetooth dongle for your ODB-II port.  Sure, it can diagnose problems, but it can also stay plugged in while you drive, sending a constant stream of data to your smartphone to help you improve your driving habits.  It also does some other stuff.

They’re taking pre-orders now.  Just $79!

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