Carthay Circle Sessions

The Carthay Circle Restaurant at DCA might be the best restaurant at the resort. The food is much better than Club 33, but that’s not saying much… Food is definitely on par with Napa Rose, but Carthay Circle looks much fancier on the inside. It’s just a great experience all around!

I’ve been trying to track down a copy of this soundtrack CD, but it keeps selling out.

Circle Sessions

It’s $17.98 in the parks. Close to $50 on ebay.

It just hit the Amazon MP3 store today for $7.99, so I grabbed it with the $8 of mp3 credit I’d been sitting on for the last few years.

I’ve never paid for MP3s before, but was pleasantly surprised to see that everything was tagged correctly, album art was embedded, and evidently Amazon encodes at 256kbps CBR. Good for them!

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