DD-WRT failed flash

My router died last night when I tried to upgrade DD-WRT to a newer version. I lost my DHCP server, the LEDs stopped blinking, it was unpingable…the works!

Here’s how to fix a failed DD-WRT upgrade relatively quickly. I was using a Netgear WNDR3700v2, but I suspect the recovery process is similar if not identical for other Atheros WiSoC-based routers. The DD-WRT wiki also has additional troubleshooting info if this process doesn’t work for you.

  • Assign your PC a static IP of
  • Grab tftp2.exe from anywhere.
  • Set it to upload the latest DD-WRT to your router’s last known IP (likely, set the retry number to 100, and start it.
  • Turn off the router.
  • Hold down the reset button as you power up the router.
  • Keep the reset button held until you see the power LED flash continuously. Takes about 30 seconds, maybe less.
  • Casually walk back to your computer and watch the progress bar as the new firmware image is loaded.
  • When flashing completes wait about two minutes, power-cycle the router, and you’re back in business. You’ve lost all your settings, but you’re back in business.

If I’d had this list of instructions handy last night it probably would have prevented me from going to bed before 1.

2 thoughts on DD-WRT failed flash

  1. …omfg yes!!! thank you so much i have been messing with this issue for 6 hrs lol. you are my god!

  2. man I can not get anywhere the firmware for asus wl-520g.The damn idiots from asus are hiding it.I am screewed

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