Whatever happened to Ken and Roberta Williams?

I’ve been thinking about “the old days” and I wondered what happened to the cofounders of Sierra On-Line, Ken and Roberta Williams.

King's Quest III - Apple IIGS

I found this 2006 Interview with Ken that lays it all out.

After they sold Sierra to CUC in 1996 the new management kind of made a mess of things and the company crumbled around them.

Ken and Roberta then got out of the software business, bought a boat, started sailing, and never looked back. Ken even wrote a book about sailing across the ocean.

It’s sad to see them out of the game and so resigned to the fact that Sierra and The Imagination Network have been gone for years.

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  1. Actually if you check out the wiki, Roberta is active in gaming again, and Ken runs a website development tool.

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