Calm down about Japan, Americans

If Japan melts down, America will be okay.

Japan won’t be okay. In fact it’ll be pretty horrible over there for a long time. But radiation levels over here are not anything to be concerned about.

…health and nuclear safety experts agree that even if radiation levels around the plant reach Chernobyl-like levels, Japan’s disaster will not pose a health hazard to the United States.

The distance between Los Angeles and Chernobyl is about 6,246 miles; Los Angeles to Fukushiima Daiichi is only a bit closer, at 5,368 miles. New York to Chernobyl, located in modern-day Ukraine, is even closer at 4,629 miles. But there has been no evidence of health effects felt in the United States from that nuclear accident, which was worse in its radiation effects than Fukushima Daiichi (so far).

CNN is the voice of reason today.

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