Skin Gun

Burn victims usually have to wait weeks for new skin to be generated and grafted onto their wounds. The recovery process alone can take weeks or even months.

And once healed, those burns will always look like burns. In even the best cases, the surface of the skin and the areas surrounding the wound usually look “off” or not-quite-right. Maybe even a little melty.

Stem cell research has resulted in a new treatment for fresh burns: A way to quickly generate skin cells that can then be sprayed directly onto the surface of a wound without grafting. The cells can be prepared and the treatment administered in less than two hours, and the recovery time is shortened to just a few days.

The results are incredible. You’d never suspect that the guy in this video had nearly lost half his face and ear to a fire.

I’d like every hospital to have skin guns at the ready. If I were the wealthy, philanthropic sort, I’d spend some money to make that happen.

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