Southern California HDTV changes for 2011

If you haven’t yet hooked an antenna up to your HDTV you’re missing out on the purest uncompressed signal that broadcast ATSC has to offer. And of course, it’s all free, recordable, fast-forwardable, DRM-free (for now) content.

Some changes happened after New Year’s in the Southern California market that may not interest you…but they interest me!

28.x, KCET, is now an independent station and is no longer affiliated with PBS. The real loss here is WorldCompass (formerly PBS World), a documentary-rich PBS substation that was multicast on 28.4 for a long time. WorldCompass has been replaced on 28.4 by MhzWorldView, a station with diverse international content that targets a completely different audience. Their programming schedule is less than exciting.

Read more about KCET’s new channel lineup.

Classic movie showcase ThisTV has moved from KTLA 5.2 to 5.3. 5.2 is now AntennaTV, a brand new nationally syndicated subchannel that focuses on classic TV and movies.

If the concept of AntennaTV sounds familiar it is… It’s more or less the same type of programming that can be found on RetroTV, another national subchannel with basically the same idea.

In LA RetroTV is broadcast on KFLA 8.2, but their Mount Wilson broadcast tower has a curiously small footprint, so AntennaTV should fill a void for anyone not directly situated in the LA basin.

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