SkyScout Firmware Updates

Thanks to Christmas I’m now the proud owner of a Celestron SkyScout. It’s pretty wonderful.

Celestron SkyScout

The software to update it is lousy, though!

Here’s what I’ve found, Internet, because Google was just not helpful at all.

The software updater won’t work with any 64 bit version of Windows. Hugely inconvenient! Luckily I had an old XP netbook I was able to use.

The software updater is incapable of grabbing a proper firmware file from the server. Instead it downloads a web server error message and saves it as a text file with the same filename name as the proper firmware. This results in an ‘invalid firmware’ message if you try to update.

You’ll need to manually download the CEL file appropriate for your current hardware version (1.x, 2.x, or 3.x) from and put it in the installer’s directory, then run the update.

When you run the updater the SkyScout’s display will give no indication at all that anything is happening. It is.

The latest firmware version for 2.x units is 2.2.9. There is a 2.2.10 up on their website, but as far as I can tell that’s actually a mislabeled 2.2.9. It took three successful flashes and one failed one before that dawned on me.

The SkyScout’s pretty cool though. I’d recommend it as a cheap alternative to a telescope to anyone.

6 thoughts on SkyScout Firmware Updates

  1. Thank you for posting this on your website. I’ve now updated my own SkyScout to the latest firmware thanks to this post. Alas you are absolutely correct, the updater is a touch annoying and doesn’t work correctly. Following this advice fixes the issue(remember to delete your incorrect and probably not completely downloaded firmware files which the update utility sends to c:\Program Files\Celestron\SkyScout then place your manually downloaded file into this same directory. Then the update utility will finally update your SkyScout). One more thing, be sure to have a fresh set of batteries in the unit or you will have issues if it doesn’t complete the firmware update.


  2. My Sky Scout is unable to find sufficient reference points and therefore is not fit for purpose. I have contacted Celestron who, as it has now been discontinued, are unable to
    help me. Is there anyone that is able to repair these things?

  3. Hi there,
    I need an information. I bought an italian version of Skyscout and now I need to modify the language to english. Do you think is enought to install a new firmware english?

  4. I get a blank window when I click on the HELP button on the interface screen. What to do?

  5. I to own an Italian version that the seller di not bother to mention was the language involved.
    I amnow trying to get it changed to English and thought it wise to let all people in the same boat that it is not possible to change the language other than to buy another unit.
    This is a software thing and therefore should in fact be possible had celstron bothered to look at the problem by I have found that they are a lot less than helpful regardless what ever it is you purchase from them, a bit sad when considering that the product itself in good.
    I have also found that updates will only work on a 32bit platform when most computers are running 64 bit, again not very clever celestron, I hope your paying attention.

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