Scanning for Dummies

Uniden’s HomePatrol is a new, very different kind of scanner.

It’s got a touch-screen, for starters. It also comes pre-loaded with a dump of the Radio Reference database making setup ridiculously easy for anyone not well-versed in such matters.

You turn it on for the first time, tell it your zip code, and in less than two minutes you’re auto-programmed and listening to whatever’s around you. Regular updates will be made available online and you can of course program in your own systems if they’re not already included.

Form factor and interface aside, this is just another digital trunking scanner, basically an audio-recording BCD396XT:

It certainly looks slick with that fancy LCD touchscreen and should be a big hit with the Wal-Mart crowd, especially if they can do something about the 396XT’s sky-high pricing, which generally hovers around $500.

The “HomePatrol-1” is pending FCC approval and should hit retail this October.

This is much more interesting than some new iPhone!

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