Sprint is about to get rich

I have unlimited data, 200 text messages, and 450 minutes of talkin’ with AT&T. That costs me $80 a month and I’ve always considered it to be highway robbery…especially since I don’t send very many texts and I only use about 200 minutes a month.

Sprint (under their Virgin Mobile brand) is about to unveil something wonderful. $25 a month will get you unlimited texts, unlimited data, and 300 minutes of talk time. $40 gets you 1200 minutes, and $60 gets you unlimited talk time. All plans are contract-free.

If you don’t mind switching to CDMA then this is super great news. If you hate the iPhone keyboard as much as I do and/or AT&T’s spotty service and were just looking for a reason to jump ship, this might be your chance to take the Palm Pre or Pixi for a test drive.

I just hope they don’t try to limit which devices you can use on the network, because spoofing a device ID with CDMA Workshop is not exactly a user-friendly process.

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