Don’t be gay in Mississippi

Here’s a quick summary of something outrageous:

  • A lesbian girl at a Mississippi high school, Constance McMillen, wanted to bring her girlfriend to her prom as her date.
  • The school district said no.
  • The ACLU took up her case and a judge ruled the school had to let them attend.
  • So the school district canceled the entire prom and blamed the girl.
  • Upset parents organized their own prom and extended an invitation to Constance.
  • She showed up to the “prom” and was one of only seven attendees, two of which were retarded special-needs kids!
  • The real prom was going on across town and the rest of the school was at that one.

A fake prom? Really? I’d expect this kind of thing from cruel high school kids, but not adults.

Honestly. What is wrong with people. This is horrible.

Gawker sums it up nicely:

So, basically a bunch of grownups may have staged an elaborate ruse so the gay girl and her gay lesbian girlfriend and all their totally homo friends could stand around one place looking like chumps, while the real teens did real things like give birth in the bathroom and rape each other in limos at their own very special real prom. Terrifically done, everyone!

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