I mentioned it on Facebook a few months ago, but not here on the ol’ blog. We’ve got another baby on the way. Kate’s going to be a big sister to…a girl! She’s due at the end of June.

At first I was like “Yessssss. Now we don’t have to buy any more toys or baby clothes!” and then I was like “Nooooo. Now we have to pay for two weddings!” And just like that, the savings canceled each other out.

Men seem to always want sons. Not me. I was a boy and I know what that business is all about. I’m happy with two girls. And two is the end of the line for us. Mentally and financially, two is the limit.

I’m starting to look forward to my empty-nest retirement days now. I’ll have some peace and quiet around the house and I’ll be able to get through this backlog of video games, books, and TV shows that are just passing me by.

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