Pampers decided to completely change their Cruisers line, and it’s rubbing parents the wrong way.

Wasn’t that clever?

Seriously though, they’ve completely changed the composition of their Cruisers diapers, and the new version is awful.

Ad Age reviews the changes – a thinner diaper that’s 25% more absorbent – and appears to side with Pampers in blaming a vocal bunch of Internet complainers for not appreciating the diaper’s improvements.

I can speak from firsthand experience – they are improvements. But those improvements are far outweighed by the discomfort that the new scratchier, smellier, and leakier Cruisers have unleashed in my house. The new style is slowly being rolled out across the country, but the packaging isn’t changing at all so I never know what I’m going to find inside when I open up a new box… When I first saw the new-style diapers I’d just assumed I just got a bad batch from the factory and decided to use them anyway since they were mostly still usable.

They are awful. Everything that the Internet is saying is true. The reviews on Pampers’ own site are particularly scathing.

Pretty sure we’ll be switching brands soon.

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