What an exciting and un-fun weekend I had.

Thursday after work my car almost wouldn’t start. I drove it straight to the repair shop and $1200 later, it’s working again. I don’t exactly have that kind of money laying around, so I’m a little scared.

Friday Kate was barfing all over the place and not eating or drinking much of anything. We took her to the doctor Saturday morning who said her stomach sounded like it was working overtime, but “she’s alert and looks good so the worst is behind her.” So far so good.

Saturday we took Kate to Tammy’s parent’s house. While there, Tammy started to exhibit Kate-like symptoms. She barfed. She laid on the couch unable to move. Then I started to feel a little woozy.

I drove us home, but once we got off the freeway I started getting sweaty and dizzy and almost lost control of the car. I had to stop in a Sav-On parking lot where I barfed loudly and voluminously. Luckily it was raining so I didn’t feel too bad about the mess on the pavement, and we were only five minutes from home at that point so the drive wasn’t too hard.

Saturday night was absolute torture. I was throwing up from like 8pm until 4am. At one point I was craving Pepsi, so I stumbled downstairs to get one. I downed half of the can in one huge gulp. After 8 hours of non-stop barfing this Pepsi was the greatest thing I had ever tasted – so refreshing and delicious! 30 seconds later, I threw it all up. That didn’t stop me from immediately finishing the last half of the can, though. I managed to keep that half down.

Sunday Tammy and I were both completely useless and basically immobile, so her parents drove down to take care of Kate for the day. I spent the day in bed drifting in and out of a feverish sleep, but Tammy was starting to improve a little.

Meanwhile, Kate was starting to relapse. On the advice of a switchboard pediatric nurse, Tammy and her parents took Kate to the emergency room. Everything was fine at the ER – dehydration was their main concern – so they came back home a few hours later.

Monday my fever died and I ate a sandwich.

Oh, and our DSL modem died on Friday so we haven’t even had Internet at home.

Today I’m back at the office but feeling a little light-headed. I may go home early.

The stomach flu is not fun.

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