Over the weekend Kate taught herself a new trick.

She discovered that if she shoves her pointer finger and middle finger far enough into her mouth at the same time…that she’ll barf.

She finds this to be hilarious, both before and after.

She’ll walk over to me with those fingers in her mouth, and I stiffen up and go “KATE! Take those fingers out of your mouth right now!” She’ll smile and laugh, and then her face will get red and she’ll go “KAAUUHKK KAAUUUKK” as she dry-heaves (or barfs) right in front of me.

I then grab my own face in absolute disbelief and horror and yell “Oh god KATE what the hell are you DOING?!” to which she can only laugh hysterically and issue a crazy yelp as she runs away from me!

I’ve caught her with her fingers in her mouth and I’ve grabbed her arm and yanked it outta there, but only makes her laugh harder as she fights me to shove her hand back in her mouth.

She did this about half a dozen times over the weekend. I have had to clean the carpet and change her outfits several times over the past 48 hours. It was funny the first time, but now it’s just making me mad! Bulimia starts at 11 months now? Come on!

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