Disneyland Dream is some guy’s home movie of his family’s trip to Disneyland. They filmed it back in 1956, a year after the park opened. It has inexplicably been entered into the National Film Registry for preservation alongside the likes of feature-length films like The Terminator and Deliverance.

You can stream or download it free from The Internet Archive.

Steve Martin grew up in Garden Grove and worked on Main Street selling guidebooks as a kid. When he heard about this film he watched it to see if he was in it. Sure enough, an 11 year old Steve Martin shows up at 20:20.

He even contacted the guy who made the film to say hello.

Here are some paparazzi photos of Steve Martin and Martin Short frolicking on the beach because they are funny.

And if you haven’t already, you should register to get a free ticket to Disneyland on your birthday this year. That’s a $69 value, and Disney is not in the business of giving much of anything away, ever, so you should jump on it.

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