It’s getting harder and harder to find easy listening music played in public nowadays. When’s the last time you saw an elevator that played music? You used to be able to hear easy instrumental versions of popular music played in grocery stores, and you still can if you look hard enough…not at high-class joints like Ralph’s or Vons of course, but there’s still a few places like Stater Bros that carry the torch.

I read this on the back of a Living Strings LP from 1977 and it made me smile-

“For those of us who like our music sweet and gentle – the Living Strings albums are balm for sore ears. We have been commanded to ‘shake our booty’ and whined at to ‘play our funky music’ …which has left our musical souls cringing from the amplification of it all. Over the past couple of years the ‘Charts’, before which the execs of the music business salaam each week, are coming up with more and more ‘good music’ winners. The Living Strings Orchestra can always be relied upon to cull the sweet from the screamers and that is what we have here. A collection of hits that are sweet-and-gentle and singable…that have the magical warmth of a good song that is today’s hit and tomorrow’s evergreen.”

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