For more than a year Mac users have had access to TVShows, an automated TV show torrent downloader. It’s a handy utility, but it left Windows users out in the cold.

I just found out about Ted and it does basically the same thing as TVShows, but it works on Macs and PCs alike through the “magic” of Java.

Both of these apps go out and search for new episodes at regular intervals. If they find one, they automatically queue them up in your torrent client of choice. It’s so easy!

Without them you’d need to find an episode guide, check air dates to find the name/number of the latest episode, and finally hit up a torrent search engine to find that episode in an acceptable resolution with a decent number of seeders. Both of these tools automate that process. It’s the closest thing to a Tivo season pass you’ll come across in the world of torrents.

It’s also a decent solution to not paying for TV if you don’t mind things like watching shows in less-than-SD quality and the ever-present threat of the almighty ISP ban.

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