I am not a sports fan. I watched the Olympics, but that was more to watch the whole spectacle of the thing than to watch people compete.

And yet, over the past two years, I think I’ve become an Angels fan.

I’m not sure if it’s because I live in Anaheim and they’re my hometown team, or if it’s because baseball games just look so darn good in HD, or if it’s because they’ve played so well this season.

I’m not a HUGE fan, really. I don’t even know most of the players’ names…but I’ve been watching a few games here and there, keeping up on things when the ol’ DVR gets empty. Somehow this year the Angels wound up having the best record in all of major league baseball. That helps to keep the interest of fair-weather fans like me!

Now the Angels have made it to the post-season, which for non-sports-people is just a fancy way of saying “the playoffs”.

They’re teetering on the brink of being eliminated though. Part of me wants them to make it to the World Series. But if they don’t, that’s ok too. They’re my team and they’ll be here next year!

I never considered the Dodgers to be my hometown team. They’re associated with Los Angeles, which as everyone knows is dirty, old, and full of people who will stab you.

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