If you start to lose your hearing, I hope you’re loaded. A good hearing aid can cost you anywhere from one thousand to five thousand dollars. That’s absolutely crazy.

A company called Songbird has heard the cry of those who can barely hear their own. They’re now selling an adjustable over-the-ear disposable hearing aid for just $80. When the 400 hour battery dies you just throw the whole thing out and buy a new one.

You don’t need to make an appointment to have your hearing tested – you can order them online right now.

My hearing is just fine and I don’t need one of these. And yet, there is somehow a super-spy part of me that really wants one for COVERT OPS.

The logical part of my brain is struggling with disallowing this purchase. Literally, my right hand is pulling my wallet out of my pocket and my left hand is wrapped around my right arm, shoving it back in. They’re locked in a standoff and I’m stuck in the middle!

Wait…it looks like my right hand is winning! It’s broken free! But here comes the left hand and he’s moving fast. Oh snap! Lefty just slapped my wallet out of Righty’s grip and it flew across the room!

Now both of my arms are up in the air and my hands are flailing wildly against each other! I’ve never seen them so mad before! Good thing I’m an adept toe-typer.

~ fin ~

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