bcTool is a tremendous piece of software. Absolutely wonderful.

If you’ve got a Uniden scanner and have wanted to control it from your PC, your options were limited. There were only two real choices to do so, ScanControl or Butel‘s ARC series. Both of these cost money, crash often, and have user interfaces straight outta 1996. (To be fair, ScanControl is in active development and a bit better in the usability department.)

bcTool is 100% free and blows away the competition. It supports live control and programming, and it does so with a logical, easy-to-understand interface. It’ll log and optionally record audio from selected talkgroups too.

The upcoming bcTool Server will even let you stream audio and remotely control multiple scanners over the Internet. Similar software sells for $395. $395!

bcTool! Check it out.

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