Once Kate turned three months old, things got a lot easier. She was less of a baby and more of a person. By three months she already had some personality…by then she was sleeping through the night, smiling all over the place, and the spit-ups had practically ceased.

I think six months is a similar milestone. Three weeks ago she started sitting herself up after rolling over. Two weeks ago she started crawling and pulling herself up to a standing position. Last week she started saying “ma-ma” and “ba-ba”. Saturday she pulled herself up to stand and then let go while she was standing. She only managed to balance for a few seconds, but it happened right in front of me and she kept her eyes on my face the whole time. It was almost like she was saying “Hey Dad. Check this out.”

The talking part is what freaked me out the most. She doesn’t realize they’re words yet – they’re just sounds she likes to make. For the past seven months the only things I’ve heard come out of her mouth have been the squeals, giggles, and cries that pass for communication. When Tammy called me at work and put Kate on the phone I was like “Hooooly cow. That is my baby and she is speaking English.”

We really have to keep an eye on her too now that she’s so mobile. We’ve baby-proofed and put up gates, but there are still hard surfaces that she can bang her head on throughout her crawling adventures. For that, the Superyard XT has been a lifesaver. It’s big enough to hold me, Kate, and all of her favorite toys.

Her seven month photos get taken later this week. Mmmmaaybe I’ll post a few here once we have them. 🙂

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