I had a good time in high school. In fact, the only bad memories I have are of the constant struggle for good grades. This was difficult because I was an average student in a school full of geniuses.

So there’s this girl, Andrea Wachner. She went to my high school. I was class of 96, she was class of 95. I didn’t know her then and I don’t know her now.

She hated high school. She hated it so much that when her 10-year reunion rolled around she hired a stripper named Cricket to attend it and pretend to be her. Cricket wore an earpiece and a hidden microphone while a camera crew followed her around. The real Andrea Wachner was upstairs in a hotel room feeding her information all night long.

She’s documented everything and turned it into an indie film – “I Remember Andrea”. There’s a long trailer on YouTube. She’s submitting it to Sundance.

She’s probably a nice person and all, but this was kind of mean.

People go to reunions to reconnect with old friends and have a good time, not to be the butt of jokes…that’s the kind of stunt high school kids would pull! Oh snap!

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