My pal Stacy brought this Bluetooth headset to my attention-

It’s the Iqua 603 Sun, and as the name implies it’s solar powered! How great is that – it doesn’t have a charging cable or cradle or ANYTHING – just a teeny tiny solar panel. It does have a mini-USB port for charging if you live in a cave, but if you live in a cave you probably don’t get cell reception anyway, so moot point!

It retails for $100 but a quick Froogle search shows it for $65ish at a few places.

They also make a solar-powered visor speakerphone, the Iqua Vizor Sun!

The only photo on their website of the Vizor Sun is a computer rendering and I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere…must be new!

So again, some rinky-dink company that you’ve never heard of is making Bluetooth products that are innovative and useful. First Parrot with their car-cradle headset, and now Iqua harnessing the power of the sun! Who are these guys?

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