California’s new hands-free driving law kicks into action next Tuesday, July 1st. If you want to use your mobile phone while driving after that date, you’ll need to use a hands-free kit.

You can check out the details here!

I’ve always resisted using hands-free kits. I hate wires. My phone came with a wired headset and I never use it! It gets tangled and snagged on things and is generally a pain.

You’d think that Bluetooth would be my salvation, but not really! Getting a Bluetooth device meant that I’d have to worry about keeping another device charged all the time, and having another charger means – you guessed it – another wire! SO frustrating.

I was ready to give up on talking while driving altogether (crazy, I know) but then I found the Parrot Driver Headset, the solution to my woes!

It’s a Bluetooth headset with its own charging cradle. You just plug it into your car’s power port and you’ve got an always-charged Bluetooth headset right at your fingertips. It’s really the only truly wireless wireless headset.

Can you believe that no other manufacturer has thought to make a Bluetooth headset with a charging cradle? Believe me, I checked. Not Plantronics, not Motorola, not even Jabra. It took a small-timer like Parrot (have you even heard of them before now?) to come up with this genius idea.

It retails for $80 but you can snag it on Amazon for under $20. It won’t win any style awards, and I’m told that my sound quality is “iffy” when using the headset, but I rarely use my phone while driving so I’d say it’s just fine.

Tammy’s car has an integrated Bluetooth speakerphone and that’s really the ideal solution. My 2002 car was born before the Bluetooth boom, so here I am trying to make the best of things.

I’ve decided that every car sold in America after 2010 should have Bluetooth and GPS as standard features. They’re as indispensable as seat belts! Who do I contact to make this happen?

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