I got my Xbox 360 back from the repair center yesterday. That’s a 10 day turnaround from the day I dropped it off at UPS. Not too shabby, but nothing beats the three days I got from Nintendo.

Not all is well with my returned 360, however! Now I can only use the downloaded content that I’ve paid for if my gamertag is signed in to Live. This means I can’t play XBLA titles if I’m offline, and Tammy can’t play them unless she signs me in on a second controller.

I anticipated this problem, but I wasn’t too concerned because there’s a system in place for restoring access on repaired consoles.

Unfortunately that system isn’t working. Evidently the geniuses over at Microsoft’s repair center forgot to transfer over my DRM licenses for my purchased content to my new console, because following those steps does absolutely nothing.

Rather than call India to plead my case to someone who likely won’t have any idea what I’m talking about, I’m just going to deal with it for another month. That’s when – according to this interview, a tool will be released that’ll let you re-license content to a single console on your own.

That tool is about two years overdue.

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