I dropped my broken Wii off at the UPS store Monday morning and had a brand new one delivered to my house by noon THURSDAY. That’s crazy fast! If you live in Southern California and your Wii dies, you can probably expect the same results – the repair center is in Chatsworth!

The repair place even transferred over all of my saved games, unspent Wii points, and Miis to the new machine. Hooray!

I dropped my 360 off on Monday too, but Microsoft’s repair center is in Texas so they didn’t even receive it until Thursday. Unless they manage to ship a new one out within 12 hours like Nintendo did, I think I can definitively say that Microsoft lost the repair race.

A friend at work is on his third Wii. A non-work friend is on her fourth 360! I guess they just don’t build game consoles like they used to. Fully-functioning Atari 2600s are plentiful on eBay. Maybe I’ll downgrade!

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