Kate had her three-month photos taken yesterday. (see also, two months, one month, and zero months)

She didn’t smile much, but trust me – when the cameras are gone she smiles like they’re going outta style.

The other night I laid her down in her bassinet at bedtime and I laid down to go to sleep too. Well she wasn’t particularly tired and after a few minutes she started fussin’ and cryin’ and carryin’ on. So I got out of bed, walked over to the bassinet and looked down at her to see what the problem was. Instantly the cries stopped and she looked up at me with a big smile on her face. So I talked to her and rocked her a little for a few minutes before setting her down again and returning to bed.

She was good for a minute or two before the crying started again. So I got up, walked over to the bassinet, and sure enough she started up with the smiles as soon as she saw me. So I stood there and we made faces at each other, smiling and cooing back and forth for a good half hour before her eyelids just got to be too heavy and she finally zonked out.

So I would say that’s been one of many highlights.

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