In a week or so I’ll be a father to a daughter…and married to a mom! Can you believe that? That’s so great.

My life is going by so fast! I think the older you get, the quicker it goes. When I was younger I couldn’t even fathom the amount of time it would take for me to be out of school and out in the world. Now that I’m there I kind of want to put the breaks on and just soak it all up.

So we’re pretty much ready to have this baby. I watch Bringing Home Baby and I’m always amazed at how many fathers don’t even think of building their cribs or assembling their baby gear until after the baby’s born. I see these new dads struggling to snap wheels onto a bassinet at two in the morning while their newborn is crying in the background, and it made me decide not to be so dumb!

I’ve spent the past few days assembling and/or installing a pack ‘n play, carseat, carseat base, stroller, ‘odorless’ diaper pail, two swings, a baby monitor, a bassinet and a rocking chair. I am READY.

There’s so much stuff you need to buy to have a baby, and a lot of it is pretty gadgety…almost anything that a baby sleeps in nowadays comes with a little device that plays soothing sounds and has a vibration function.

Our house barely has enough storage for OUR junk, let alone baby stuff. We’ve obtained all the essentials from our registry that the baby shower didn’t cover, and the only thing we’re waiting for now is for the furniture to get delivered.

I’ve stopped thinking of Babies R Us as “that goddamnned store I get dragged to to buy a registry gift whenever one of our friends gets pregnant” and I now think of it as “that awesome place that has everything I could possibly need, ever.”

We’ve spent the last few months cleaning out our guest room, throwing away random crap we didn’t need anymore, selling off the rest in a garage sale, and dumping anything left over on the Salvation Army. Our guest room is now a nursery and our office is now an “office/guest room”. Suddenly our three bedroom house seems very small.

Our due date is February 10th, but the baby really could come any day now… The sooner she gets here, the sooner we can start playing!

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