Working at a grocery store might be a fun job – especially if you really like cooking and/or eating. I enjoy both! How about you?

The perks are numerous!
– Your pal Dallas in the produce department always lets you know when a fresh load of strawberries are on their way in!
– Pete in the bakery always makes a special batch of cookies just for you with extra chocolate chips!
– Jeff – the meat man – directs you to the freshest and choice-est rib-eyes!
– Employee discount!

Probably the only bad job at a grocery store is “shopping cart retrieval guy”!

If you were that guy, working at a grocery store would not seem so great, I bet. All you could do is watch people destroy everything! People would bring their carts out to their cars just as fast as you could round them up and bring them back in. There’s no end in sight!

I noticed how futile this all was just the other day when I was at the grocery store. Those poor kids with those carts! It made me sad for them.

And at the end of the day what have you got to show for your eight hours of manual labor? Exactly what you started with – some carts lined up neatly by the front door, and some more carts scattered around the parking lot.

Although on the plus side, you great much better exercise than any of your coworkers, and you get to spend time working in the fresh air!

I guess there really isn’t a downside to working at a grocery store! If you don’t count the forced union membership, that is…

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