I’ve always considered Lunarpages to be our hosting bruthas. Their offices are only 15 minutes away from ours and their datacenter is only a few blocks from ours. They offer a similar service for a similar price and seem to share our friendly attitude and are fairly open with their customers. We’re competitors, sure, but I like them! I always thought if I met a Lunarpagian in real life we’d nod heads at each other and be like “‘Sup?” then we’d do the secret web hosting handshake and that’d be that.

Then they sent us that whole cease and desist and I sort of soured on them a little bit. Then they completely ignored our basketball challenge without so much as a “You so crazy!” or a “No thank you,” or a “Haha! Go fuck yourselves, DreamHost!”

Somewhere along the line they ditched their toll-free support number, junked up their company’s blog with posts that in no way relate the company or its operations, retroactively changed their affiliate program to require more sales before payouts, and most recently they’ve hijacked their customers’ 404 pages to include some kind of domain-squatting SEO reacharound scheme. Customers can override this default behavior if they can figure out how, but man. This is the default? We would never do any of this.

So I’ve decided that Lunarpages is no longer cool. This is a great loss to an industry where coolness is as rare as a hand-held unicorn.

Oh look, there’s one now.

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