So there’s this game coming out tomorrow… Halo 3. Have you heard of it?

I’ve never played Halo 1 or 2. I’ve never seen them in anything more than screenshots, and maybe a few brief clips on TV.

As a general rule, I don’t like first person shooters. They’re boring, they’re hard to control with a gamepad, and quite frankly I just suck at them.

However, MetaCritic has never steered me wrong before. It, combined with the demo, convinced me to get Bioshock (another fps!) and I really loved that game.

So I think I may get caught up in all this midnight madness and pick up Halo 3 tonight at one of Wal-Mart’s dedicated checkout lines, or at a GameSpot, EB Games, or Game Crazy if they’re sold out (not likely).

This will be tough, as I’m usually in bed by 10.

It seems like a crazy thing to do for someone who’s only got a passing interest in the game, but come this time next year I’ll have a baby! And who knows how much time I’ll have to play all my silly video games then.

Oh, and it’s a girl by the way. 😀

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