I’ve always gotten a lot of spam. I filter most of it with a one-two punch of SpamAssassin on the server side and Thunderbird‘s own filters on the client side.

These help a little bit, but far too much spam still makes it through to my inbox and every Monday morning is a huge annoying delete-fest.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of spam with ‘delivery notification’ turned on. That adds a pop-up and an extra level of irritation to the whole delete process. Generally the only email I get with delivery notification enabled comes from recruiters, electronic billing systems, and now spammers. So I had to disable that little feature in Thunderbird today.

John C. Dvorak is one of my personal heroes and claims to get no spam courtesy of these guys. Paying someone to filter my spam for me seems like throwing money away, unless they can claim 100% accuracy.

I’ve been thinking about ditching email entirely. I’d still keep an inbox somewhere for things like order receipts and sites with logins. And you can’t run a business without email so I’d of course keep using it for work, but as a communications tool outside the office, I’d say email is dead! Good riddance!

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