This is a gross video, and in most cases is probably not work-safe. It does not contain nudity.

This video has inexplicably been the subject of much discussion and debate here in the office for the past week or so. We keep trying to put it behind us, but it is increasingly becoming a hot lunchtime conversation topic.

We can’t decide if it’s real or not.

“Real” arguments:
* That guy’s reaction is friggin’ priceless.
* When the girl stands, her legs/knees are brown-tinted after coming out of the water.

“Fake” aguments:
* The brown cloud appears uniformly and far too quickly.
* Why is the girl squatting in a hot tub to begin with?
* The black girl freaks out slightly before any evidence is visible.
* The other white girl smiles as she makes her exit.
* It’s a video on the Internet.

I wish I had an answer for you on this but I don’t. Snopes doesn’t have anything on it either. Not since the Zapruder film has a video been so carefully watched, rewatched, and analyzed by such a large group of people.

And so the debate rages on.

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