Well I’ve watched the E3 press conferences from the big three console makers so you didn’t have to, and here are my thoughts in no particular order!


– 50 cents of every dollar spent on game consoles, games, or peripherals goes to the 360.
– They seem to be really pushing the downloadable movies and TV shows, which I really don’t care too much about!
Halo 3 looks a little bland but will sell millions of copies and break all kinds of records. Too bad I don’t really like FPSs.
– A ton of great looking downloadable games are coming to the Arcade. Spyglass Board Games, Bomberman Live, and Switchball all look super sweet.
Assassin’s Creed has come a long way since last year’s E3. The framerate has been bumped waaaay up and now I’m really looking forward to it.
– Just like last year the 360 marketplace is now full of downloadable demos (hello Blue Dragon!), new XBLA games, and new game trailers released at the show in HD. New content will be released every day of the show.
– RedOctane released another overpriced Guitar Hero II song pack last night hoping no one would notice amid the hubbub of all these other announcements.
– G4’s live coverage of this was horrendous. They’d cut away to commercials (?!) only to come back in the middle of a trailer. They’d start showing trailers and gameplay using the direct feed, then in mid-scene they’d switch to a camera positioned at the back of the theater and you wouldn’t be able to see anything. Pretty aggrivating.


– Nintendo hardware sold is a 50/50 split between Wiis and DSs. The Wii is coming close to matching and overtaking the 360 in total sales to date. If only they could put enough on the shelves…
Zelda on the DS looks interesting… Some of these Nintendo franchises are getting beat to death, though. I’d like to see more original first party titles and less reliance on old classics.
– The Wii Blaster, Wii Wheel, and Wii Balance Board are more gimmicky peripherals that you’ll have to find a place for when not in use.
– Still no wireless nunchuck! Come ON!
– Nintendo’s online strategy for the Wii continues to be lame. There’s no plans to create any kind of easy to use global matchmaking system.
– Mario Kart for Wii will support online multiplayer.
Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii doesn’t look like any Mario game I’ve ever played. I’m optimistic though!


– The PSP got a hardware refresh! It’s a little slimmer and lighter. Big whoop. Still not easily portable. Same weak games.
– Some ‘full retail’ games will be available on both Blu-Ray or as a download. Given the option, I’d rather own a disc than have to rely on some outside network to be online forever to have access to the content I’ve paid for. It’ll be interesting to see which option is more popular with consumers.
– Echochrome looks like a neat puzzle game, but if I had spent $5/600 on a PS3 I dunno man… Stick figures?
– The PS3 is the system to own if you like first person shooters. There are tons coming.
– British people prounounce ‘beta’ like it rhymes with ‘cheetah’
– PlayStation Home really does look cool. I hope it gets cloned on the 360.
Drake’s Fortune from Naughty Dog looks stupendous. I would expect nothing less from those guys!
– Overall this was a pretty long and dry presentation. I might just have been weary from sitting through the other two though.

There weren’t really any big announcements from anyone this year. It looks like E3 2007 is all about software and that’s just fine with me!

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