Since January 2005 I’ve been using this little gem of a phone. A Sony Ericsson T637:

It’s been a fun two and a half years and I’ve got no complaints. But I’m moving on! For three reasons.

First of all, the power connector has started flaking out and needs some wiggling before it’ll charge the phone. Secondly, being in Europe for two weeks made me jealous – everyone over there has such neato GSM phones! And finally – I realized my one year contract ended a looong time ago and I’m entitled to something better!

So today I ordered a Sony Ericsson W810i:

It looks similar to the old phone, but everything I’ve read has said the W810i cranks it up to 11 so I’m excited to see how my life will improve once it arrives. It was $0.01 at Amazon (with contract) but unlocking and unbranding it with the [included!] data cable will increase its value within minutes!

iPhone shmyphone! I like buttons.

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