Maybe I talk about video games here too much. I think I might. Oh well. You can leave if you don’t like it!

Five sweet-looking board games are coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Like all XBLA titles they’re downloadable and will probably be in the $10 price range. Like many XBLA games they will probably capture my attention for weeks-on-end while all of my Rainbow Six-playing friends shake their heads in dismay and embarrassment.

All five of these games are based on real-world board games, but with the added bonus of pairing you up with skilled opponents worldwide at any time of day!

Settlers of Catan has lots of people excited. I’ve never played this game but it is supposed to be Super Duper. I did captial-S, capital-D to emphasize this point.

Carcassonne looks interesting too. I have no idea what it’s all about. I’m guessing you build things. Most of these games seem to be about building things. Build build build!

Alhambra is another game I know nothing about but looks interesting! The screenshot above was released months ago and that’s all they’ve given us.

Puerto Rico has something to do with Puerto Rico. I think. No screenshots have been released, but here’s a picture I found of the real thing! Man what a headache it must be to deal with all those little cards and game pieces all over the place!

Talisman is a game I am anticipating with much anticipation! During high school, and maybe even before high school, my friends and I played Talisman all the time. I don’t really remember how to play it nowadays, but I’m sure I’d pick it up pretty quickly. I actually threw out my Talisman set years ago, and now I see that they’re going for $100+ on Ebay. Figures. No screenshots for Talisman exist either, but it was only just announced last week.

So that’s what I’m looking forward to!

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