Guitar Hero II

My morals are weak.

I had fully planned to boycott Guitar Hero II until someone with some sense decided to make a wireless guitar.

Then last night Tammy decided she wanted it. If life has taught me anything, it’s that when your girl tells you to buy a video game or anything electronic you get your ass off the couch and you BUY IT.

So that is what I did. Boycotts were made to be ignored!

Luckily the guitar is USB, so it can be used in both Windows and OSX, so it’s not like you’re locked in to only using it with this one game. There’s always Freetar and Frets on Fire too!

The cable has a quick release connector, so if you rock out too violently your Xbox won’t go flying across the room. This pleases me.

So far the game is great. It plays just like the PS2 version with a bunch of extra songs thrown in. I never bothered to pick up the PS2 version back when it was popular and I’m glad I held out because this game+controller cost a fortune.

The promised flood of downloadable songs starts next week, but if Activision is planning on charging extra for everything with no freebies thrown in they can suck it. Guitar Hero is the kind of game that has the potential for extreme abuse/overuse of microtransactions, and I have no doubt they will milk it for every penny they can. Although it would be nice to see record companies hopping in to offer free playable tracks to promote new artists or something…

Anyway! Even though all of my friends have much higher scores than me, I’m climbing up the leaderboards and will overtake them in no time! WATCH OUT FOR ELBOW MACARONI and his awesome band, “BRETTSPLOSION” you SOFT ROCK PANSIES!

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