Huell Howser is my hero.

Maybe you’ve seen him on TV. His ‘traveling across California’ documentaries air on California PBS stations all the time.

He basically has made a career of traveling up and down California touring and taking in all the things this great state has to offer.

Huell’s got a very distinct interviewing style. He always wears a silk shirt and always has a big black microphone in his hand. He’ll usually interrupt the people he’s interviewing every few seconds to go “WOW!” and “Are you kiddin’ me?” also “Holy cow!” He’s not being sarcastic either – Huell is genuinely interested in what people are telling him.

The man loves California!

Shows like California’s Gold seem to be squarely aimed at the 60+, retiree crowd…but I’m 28 and I really enjoy them too.

Set your Tivos!

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