Last night I hit a milestone in Oblivion.

I got all 50 achievements! I am DONE!

It only took me 103 hours of playing over the course of a year, but I did it. I’m the Champion of Cyrodill, Baby.

This accomplishment represents my new approach to video game playing: Buy less games – and of the games that I do buy, play them all the way through before buying something new. So far it’s worked out well!

During the ending days of the NES’ reign I had close to 50 games and I really only played a handful of them on a regular basis. The rest were essentially $50 paperweights…even as a child I realized that stack of games represented a huge waste of money. It made me sick!

Oblivion was the only retail game I’ve purchased in the past twelve months. Five years from now I won’t see it as $60 down the drain. I’ll see it as something that brought me a year’s worth of quality game-playing!

Of course the Shivering Isles expansion pack comes out next week, so I’m pretty sure this isn’t the end of Oblivion for me…

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