I’ve been waiting a long time for Culdcept Saga to come out in America on the Xbox 360. You don’t even know. I sank so much time into the PS2 version…and it didn’t even support multiplayer!

The game was released in Japan back in November and the English version was supposed to be released state-side in early January. Only that didn’t happen.

The Japanese release was so plagued with game-crashing bugs that the American release has been delayed for eight months!

Bugs in console games nowadays aren’t really too big of a deal because developers have the ability push out free fixes to gamers over the consoles’ online services. So far the Culdcept guys have done that not once but TWICE and they’re still not done fixing bugs. Holy crap that is some bad quality control.

Here’s some great apologetic Engrish transrations for you, straight from Babelfish itself:

“After receiving the report of trouble, placing on the development team, you verified the decision of phenomenon, the decision of correction place, the decision of correction method and the yes or no etc. of correction with title update in order even a little to be able to transmit title update quickly, you started working. Presently, feeling at rest, in order that it does to kind of that you can enjoy, we do correction revised job.”

“In the future, as this kind of trouble does not occur, to take a second look quality control system, everyone feeling at rest, use in order to be able to receive, because it starts doing further effort, that no soldier/finishing understanding it grants, we ask.”

Wow. What more can be said?

GameStop is showing a release date of August 1st for Culdcept Saga. I know they have a history of fabricating release dates but I’m marking it on my calendar anyway. I will not be denied!

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