Lately the Xbox Live Arcade has been junked up with tons of ‘retro remakes,’ most of which wouldn’t entertain the mentally disabled for more than a few minutes. I mean come on.

Root Beer Tapper? Defender? New Rally-X? Are you kidding me?

You’d think that Microsoft would have some kind of filtering system in place to prevent developers from releasing crap onto the Marketplace. And you would be right!

The guy to blame for green-lighting these shoddy remakes is Greg Canessa. Or rather, WAS Greg Canessa. He’s OUT!

He’s leaving Microsoft to take a job at PopCap.

Corporate politics at work? Or just a guy taking a better offer?

Whatever the case, I hope this means that from here on out we won’t need to pay $5 to play twenty year old games like Paperboy.

Oops, they already announced that one. 🙁

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