Even though Tammy’s in Boston this week there’s no shortage of things for me to do. I’ve been keeping busy! Here’s the recap!

Watching Studio 60 on Monday I discovered that a guy I knew in high school is playing Amanda Peet’s personal assistant on the show. I looked him up on IMDB and sure enough, Kelvin Yu looks like he’s doing pretty well for himself. He was even in Grandma’s Boy, which I still haven’t seen. I knew a lot of wannabe actors in high school, and I didn’t really expect any of them to be successful, but it looks like Kelvin’s making it. Good for him!

The CitiKitty is a complete and utter disaster. Once I broke off the first ring my cats decided to start shitting on the carpet about 50% of the time. I could deal with that. My cats make firm poops so that was pretty easy to clean up, and I was holding out hope that they’d come around eventually and go back to crappin’ on the tray. I give my cats too much credit.

Tuesday night I got home from work, plopped down on the couch, and realized I was sitting in a pool of cat pee. I about lost it right there. I flew into a rage! I grabbed both cats and interrogated them by shouting in their faces. “WHO DID THIS! CORKY! WAS IT YOU? CONAN DON’T GIVE ME THAT LOOK!” Then I rubbed both of their bodies all over the pee puddle so they would remember – peeing on couches is bad and the big scary man will rub you in it if you do it again!

So then I unzipped the cushion, threw the cover in the washing machine and sprayed down the foam inside with a potent mix of Febreze and Nature’s Miracle.

Then they did the exact same thing the next day to another cushion.

I’ve been working like 10 and 12 hour days this week and I had just gotten back from taking care of the horse, so I didn’t really have the energy to throw a repeat performance of the previous night’s tirade when I got home at 11. I could see the writing on the wall. The CitiKitty went into the trash and I pulled out the old cat box. My cats are idiots.

I also got sick this week. It’s just a cold at this point but it’s making it hard for me to get out of bed on time and I start to get really tired around 6pm.

Yesterday I installed Windows Vista on my work PC. So far so good. I’m still trying to learn where they moved everything around… Vista includes a new calendar application creatively named “Windows Calendar.” It’s pretty basic, but it’s leagues better than the crusty old Mozilla Sunbird, which I had been using with XP. Aaand it supports my old .ical files, so I was able to import all my old contacts no problem.

Thursday night our office was burglarized, but the thieves soon revealed themselves.

And finally today news broke about Wiinja, the world’s first Wii modchip. Wiinja is the size of an old PS1 modchip and only has five solder points! There’s no word yet on whether this is a chip for the Wii motherboard or if they took a page from the Xbox 360 hacks and are just patching the drive’s firmware. Here’s a YouTube of it in action.

That’s about it! This weekend I’ll try to get some rest and take lots of vitamins. I really don’t want to be sick right now! Please send me good vibes and mental well wishes.

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