I’m back from Orlando, dudes. We had a totally sweet time. Two weeks before Christmas has got to be the best time to visit Disney World. The weather was in the mid 70s and the parks were totally empty. We pretty much walked right on most of the rides. I think the longest line we waited in was only five or ten minutes!

We did Epcot on Monday and I rode a Segway!

I like this picture. Click it for a 1600×1200 blowup!

We also got to do the Finding Nemo ride at The Living Seas, which is running through its soft-opening right now. These guys are sitting out front-

The next day we visited the Magic Kingdom, or as I like to call it, Bizarro Disneyland.

Their Tomorrowland has a cooler entrance than ours.

We had tickets for the after-hours “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party“…

…and got to see lots of neat things, like Gideon (from Pinocchio) rocking out on the dance floor!

Wednesday we did Animal Kingdom. Here’s a nice shot of the Tree of Life. Click for a blow-up!

All these pictures were taken by Tammy. She’s a way better picture taker than I am.

This tiger kind of looks like my cats. Except for the stripes. And the orange coloring. And the big feet. Also, my cats are not tigers.

Animal Kingdom closed kind of early so we hopped back over to Epcot that night for dinner.

And here’s me at Epcot’s Mexico pavilion! Hoo hoo!

It was a great trip and we had a blast. It’s also the most time Tammy and I have spent together in a long time.

An hour after we flew in to California we went to the DreamHost Christmas Party which was lots of fun too, even if we were too tired to really enjoy it fully. Now Tammy’s in Sweden for a week and I’m back home!

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