Man what a weekend.

Thursday we went to Tammy’s parents for Thanksgiving. My parents came and we celebrated the coming together of Native Americans and their white oppressors with a turkey feast.

Friday our friend Denise turned 30 so that night a big group of us went to The Melting Pot. It’s a fondue restaurant. It’s expensive. In fact, The Melting Pot is what I call “stupid expensive” – expensive for no good reason. The food was great, but there’s no reason to ever pay that much for a meal. It wasn’t merely a case of sticker shock – it was sticker spit…as in, the sticker spit in my eye and made me angry. It was fun and a neat place to eat once, but I’ll do my best to never go back.

Saturday we attended Tammy’s boss’ son’s bar-mitzvah. That started at 9 in the morning and ran nearly three hours. Then at 6 that evening we attended a bar-mitzvah party at the Marconi Museum. That was some event. I guess bar-mitzvah parties are big things! They rented out this huge place…there were balloons everywhere, a DJ, one of those cartoon sketch artists, an open-bar, a huge buffet, an ice cream bar, a fondue dessert bar, and about 200 people. It could have been a wedding for all the money they spent on it. We had a great time.

Sunday morning we woke up at 4 so I could drive Tammy to LAX. She’s in Puerto Rico and Chicago this week. I got home around 7AM and slept a few more hours. I spent the rest of the day in front of a computer working on a website for my brother’s wedding. Yessir, my little brother is getting married. I’m the best man! I like to think that I’m always the best man in everything I do, but a wedding makes the title official.

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