I stopped by Target last night to pick up some new icicle lights for the house. The last two years I’ve always gotten screwed by waiting too long to buy Christmas lights, so I took care of it extra early this year and got the lights with the WHITE wire.

Does anyone even buy icicle lights with green wire? Seriously. Unless you’re Bilbo Baggins and you live in the side of a grassy green hill, those green wires are gonna look pretty ghetto hanging off of your stuccoed house.

Right next to the store entrance were a few tents. It turns out that there were half a dozen people camping out for a chance to buy a Wii:

They weren’t there for the PS3. They were wearing home-made Wii shirts. I bet this is because Target had their launch-day inventory numbers leak onto the internet last week. I also drove by Toys R Us, EB Games, and Best Buy…they didn’t have any campers!

So far Red Steel, Wii Sports, and Zelda have all been released online. They’re not playable yet, but give it time!

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