Who is going to DisneyWorld next month?

The answer is me!

We really had no plans to go, but last week Tammy found out she’s got two full days of meetings in Orlando in December, so we figured out how to go by spending next to nothing.

Tammy’s flying there and back for work, so her plane tickets are paid for already.

One of her vendors offered to comp our week-long hotel stay, so that took care of that.

That really only leaves my plane tickets and a rental car, and cashing in a few frequent flier miles will pay for those.

In the end, the only things we end up paying real money for are theme park tickets and food. I’m pretty sure I could survive one full week on a backpack full of granola bars and water, but we’ll see about that.

While we’ll spend three days together in theme parks, this also means I’ll be stuck in a hotel room by myself for two days while Tammy’s in meetings. Maybe I’ll venture out for a round of solo miniature golf somewhere.

edit: Looks like one of Tammy’s vendors just comped our theme park tickets too! An upgrade from granola bars to chewy granola bars may be in order!

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