It’s a little late, but Windows Vista hit RTM today. Build 6000.16386 is THE ONE.

It launches to ‘Microsoft Partners’ (enterprise customers) November 30th, and to the public at large sometime in January.

As a convenience to software pirates, Microsoft is including the five main Vista SKUs on a single disc. This is supposedly to facilitate legal upgrades through the new Windows Anytime Upgrade service without a complete OS reinstall.

In reality it’ll be exploited by pirates to unlock the $399 version of Windows Vista – “Ultimate”.

Can’t say I’m too excited about Vista. I was excited for XP back in the day, but XP is really solid and good! I get a bluescreen maybe once every year, and a hard crash once or twice a year.

Now that I am less of a computer nerd I find it hard to get excited about a release of an operating system… Unless you’re a Mac user.


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