The most irritating part of owning indoor cats, even well-behaved ones, is having to clean out their litter box.

You have to scoop up pee and poop every day or so, dump it into a plastic trash bag, then carry that bag downstairs and throw it in the trash can on the side of the house. It’s smelly, wasteful, annoying, and cat sand gets everywhere.

I switched to flushable litter about a year ago, and that helped a lot. Now I can just drag the litterbox into a bathroom and scoop the litter straight into the toilet.

This is a good solution, but it still means I have to carry a full litter box to the toilet, sift through sand to find pee and poo chunks, carry the litter box back to its resting place, and deal with any stray litter in the area around the cat box. Every. Single. Day.

My physical laziness is the stuff of legend, and my cats are not the boss of me!

Last weekend my brother got us the totally sweet CitiKitty CAT TOILET TRAINING SYSTEM.

So far I’ve had the training device up on my toilet for 48 hours and only Conan has been brave enough to hop on it and go #1. I have high hopes for this product and if it works as advertised I will be free of the curse of cat litter for all time. ALL TIME!

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