So let’s say you really like this band and for some reason they’ve chosen MySpace as the one-and-only place for fans to listen to their new, unreleased, or rare titles.

That’s great exposure for the band I guess, but not-so-great for the fans! MySpace uses a proprietary streaming Flash player which prevents you from saving the audio to your computer. It’s not exactly DRM, but it’s just as annoying.

It turns out that streamed audio is just a plain ol’ mp3 streamed to your desktop using Macromedia’s RTMP protocol. The MySpace MP3 Gopher will let you save that stream to your local disk with zero loss of quality.

This is definitely not a “record your audio card’s output” scam. The program just grabs the stream (which is already an mp3) and saves it to your hard drive.

Take that, Information Society!

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